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Power Lock Stanley Measuring Tapes

Order-nowWhen a measuring tape is extended to a given length, a power lock feature enables the user to secure the tape in place. A mechanism that stops the measuring tape from retracting is usually engaged by depressing a button or lever on the tape. This eliminates the need for the user to hold the tape in place with one hand during a measurement, which can be especially useful for longer measurements or while working alone. Typically, the user must depress a release button or lever in order to retract the tape and unlock the power lock. Modern measuring tapes frequently have power locks, and experts in a variety of fields, including building, engineering and woodworking. The tapes with powerlock options are available for purchase BUY NOW

Features of Power Lock Measuring Tapes

Long-lasting blades with Mylar® polyester film covering and a blade standout for professional-grade routine measurements
Measurements with a secure blade lock result in NO CREEPING
With stud centre markings of 16 in. and 19-1/5 in., SIMPLIFY FRAMING JOBS.
TRU-ZERO® CORROSION-RESISTANT END HOOK for dependable measuring accuracy

Other variants of stanley tape are available on this link

Stanley Power Lock 16
Stanley Power Lock 25
powerlock measuring tape uk
Stanley Power Lock 12


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Different Variants of Stanley Tape

The stanley tapes has different variants like Power Lock, Lever Lock, Auto Lock, Fatmax and Classic. The details regarding twin pack is available here  

You can buy it from Amazon here