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Galaxy Soul

The Galaxy Soul serves as a crucial tool for enhancing Galaxy weaponry within the Forge. Weapons crafted with Galaxy Souls retain their enchantments and gem enhancements.

How to Get Galaxy Soul

To obtain it, one can make a purchase at Qi’s Walnut Room for 40 Qi Gem. Additionally, after dispatching a minimum of 50 Dangerous Monsters, they become available at the Island Trader on the final day of a season, in exchange for 10 Radioactive Bar.

For those who prove their mettle by defeating at least 50 Dangerous Monsters, Galaxy Souls can be acquired through enemy drops in the perilous “Dangerous” Mines unlocked through Mr. Qi’s Danger in the Deep quest, or in the Skull Cavern during Mr. Qi’s Skull Cavern Invasion.

Keep an eye out for semi-transparent Big Slimes harboring a Galaxy Soul in the “Dangerous” Mines from Mr. Qi’s Danger in the Deep quest, or in the Skull Cavern during Mr. Qi’s Skull Cavern Invasion. Upon vanquishing the Big Slime, the coveted device will be yours.

how to get galaxy soulThe Galaxy Soul stands as a pivotal artifact within the mystical realm of the Forge, serving as the linchpin for enhancing the formidable Galaxy weapons. Its essence pulses with an otherworldly power, a cosmic force harnessed by skilled artisans. When wielded in the craft of weapon augmentation, the Galaxy Soul bestows an unparalleled potency upon its subjects. It acts as the conduit through which enchantments and gem upgrades seamlessly integrate with the weapon’s core, ensuring that the essence of its origin remains intact. This harmonious fusion imbues the weapon with an ethereal grace, elevating it beyond mortal limits. In the skilled hands of a master smith, the Galaxy Soul breathes new life into these weapons, forging a legacy that spans galaxies and resonates through the annals of time.

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Samsung Galaxy Sol (Cricket)

samsung galaxy sol

The Samsung Galaxy Sol is a budget-oriented smartphone released in 2021, I am not aware of any specific reviews of that phone since my knowledge cutoff is in 2021, however, it’s worth noting that the phone is considered a budget-oriented device, and its performance and features will likely reflect that. Some people may find that it offers good value for the price, while others may find that it lacks some of the features or performance of more expensive smartphones. It is important to do research and read reviews from multiple sources to get a sense of the phone’s performance and features.
Take Selfies without touching the Shutter Button
Position your hand to take the selfie and a timer starts once the timer stops the selfie is taken without you having to touch the shutter button.
A brilliant 5.0” HD Super AMOLED display which provides sharper text

Easy Mode for first-time Smartphone Owners BUY NOW
Simple user-interface with larger icon font and simpler settings easy access to basic core functions and settings
Take cool selfies without having to touch the shutter button.