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Control-Manual Lock Measuring Tape

A manual lock measuring tape is a kind of measuring tape that, after being extended to a specific length, requires the operator to manually engage a locking mechanism to maintain the tape in place. Normally found close to the tape’s base, the locking mechanism can be activated by depressing a button or moving a lever. With the tape not being able to retract, the user can take measures without having to hold the tape firmly in place with one hand. A release button must be pressed or the locking lever must be pushed back to its starting position in order to disengage the locking mechanism and retract the tape. Construction, woodworking, and engineering are just a few of the many industries that frequently use manual lock measuring tapes. They can offer a safe and precise measurement, but locking and unlocking the tape calls for two hands from the user.

Features of Control/Manual Lock Measuring Tape

  • For more practical, improved blade control, and ergonomics, use the FINGER BRAKE.
  • With a robust complete tape blade coating, GET MEASUREMENTS ON YOUR OWN STANDS UP TO ABRAsion and Repeated Use.
  • To Grasp an Edge on Either Side, Use a Dual-Sided Hook.

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