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LeverLock measuring Tape Stanley

Lever lock measuring tapes are a particular kind of measuring tape that, after being extended to a specific length, use a lever mechanism to retain the tape in place. To activate the lock, one depresses a lever that is normally found close to the tape’s base. With the tape not being able to retract, the user can take measures without having to hold the tape firmly in place with one hand. The user normally has to pull the lever to release the lock and retract the tape.

Construction, woodworking, and engineering professionals frequently use lever lock measuring tapes because they can be simpler to use with one hand than tapes with alternative locking systems. They are also renowned for their strength and longevity, and they frequently sustain intensive use in demanding industrial environments.

Features of LeverLock Measuring Tape:

  • Push-release, self-locking SEAMLESS BLADE RETRACTION mechanism
  • VERY HIGH VISIBILITY CASE: Locate tape in a hurry on a construction or in a busy toolbox.
  • WITHSTANDS HIGH USE: ABS case with high impact and a strong rubber shell
  • QUICK AND CLEAR READERS with taped-on fraction marks
  • With a polymer-coated blade, it is ENGINEERED FOR ABRASION-RESISTANCE.
  • MEASURE CORROSION-RESISTANT Tru-Zero┬« end hook accurately.
  • NON-MARRING BASE aids in work surface protection.

Other variants of Stanley Tape are available at the link


Stanley Liverlock 30
Stanley Liverlock 25




Stanley Liverlock 16