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Stanley Tylon Tape Twin Pack

A measuring tape is a common tool used to measure distances, dimensions, and lengths accurately. It typically consists of a long, flexible strip of material marked with measurements, such as inches, feet, or meters, along its length.

Measuring tapes used in construction are usually made of durable materials, such as steel or fiberglass, to withstand rugged conditions and frequent use on construction sites. They typically have a self-retracting mechanism that allows the tape to be easily extended and then retracted back into the housing after use. Measuring tapes may also have additional features, such as a locking mechanism to hold the tape in place, a belt clip for easy storage, and a hook or end piece that can be hooked onto an object to measure from an edge or corner accurately.

Measuring tapes are used by construction professionals, such as carpenters, contractors, architects, and other tradespeople, for a wide range of tasks, including measuring distances for framing, layout, cutting materials, determining room dimensions, and checking alignment and levelness. Accurate measurements are crucial in construction to ensure that materials are cut and installed correctly and that structures are built to precise specifications.

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Colour Blue
Brand Stanley
Blade length 8 Metres
  • Matt Finish for Reduced Glare & Reflection
  • Bi-Material Rubber-Grip Case for Added Comfort
  • Impact Resistant Body
  • True Zero 3-Rivet Hook
  • Class 2 Tylon-Coated Blades

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