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Succession Certificate NADRA

succession janasheeni certificate

A succession (جانشینی) certificate is a legal document issued by a court/competent authority that grants the rightful heirs of a deceased person the authority to inherit and manage the assets, properties, and debts left behind when there is no will or uncertainties about its validity. It serves as a formal recognition of the legal heirs and facilitates the lawful distribution of the deceased person’s estate by allowing them to claim and manage the assets specified in the certificate.

Succession Certificate and Letter of Administration is issued to the successor on behalf of a deceased person that establishes the ownership of legal heirs /successors over the deceased persons movable and immovable property.

NADRA launched an online system ( in January 2021 to acquire succession certificate for Pakistanis.

1. Starting the Process:
To initiate the application, the interested party begins by providing their National Identity number and the deceased person’s Death certificate.

2. Identifying Heirs and Assets:
The applicant furnishes relevant details about the legal heirs and comprehensive information regarding the deceased’s movable and immovable properties.

3. Verification and Approval:
All legal heirs are required to visit NADRA’s Registration Center for Biometric Verification, ensuring a thorough authentication process.

4. Public Notification:
NADRA takes a transparent approach by publishing a public notice in newspapers, inviting objections from the public against the specific application within a stipulated period.

5. Final Steps – Printing and Issuance:
Upon the lapse of a 14-day objection period with no contested claims, NADRA proceeds to print and issue the Succession certificate or letter of administration, concluding the process.

succession janasheeni certificate

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The Pakistani government is providing 4500 scholars with scholarships to help Afghan youth enhance their potential in a variety of sectors, including management, computer science, engineering, agriculture, and medicine.

The purpose of this programme is to improve people-to-people ties between the two neighbouring countries while also strengthening the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. For more details visit HEC website


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future of wireless technology 5G Networks

5g Technology

5G networks are the future of wireless technology, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections for users. The latest smartphones are now 5G compatible, and more and more mobile carriers are rolling out 5G networks in cities around the world. With 5G, you can expect faster download and upload speeds, improved streaming quality, and more responsive online gaming. The technology also has potential to be used in industries like healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing. As 5G becomes more widely available, it will pave the way for new innovations and advancements in technology. Keep an eye out for 5G as it continues to roll out in your area and explore the possibilities it could bring to your life.

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks, it offers faster speeds, lower latency, more capacity, and improved reliability compared to 4G networks. It also enables new technologies like IoT, augmented reality, and autonomous vehicles.