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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: State Bank of Pakistan Introduces Sunwai Complaint Management Service

state-bank-pakistanIn the current digital era, a successful firm or institution must prioritize customer pleasure. Understanding this necessity, the State Bank of Pakistan launched Sunwai, a comprehensive customer complaint management service, which is a major step forward. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, consumer complaints within the banking industry will be handled more quickly and transparently, which will increase customer satisfaction in the end.

sunwai-logoSunwai is available via a mobile application as well as a dedicated portal Its user-friendly interface enables clients to easily file complaints. Customers can easily voice their concerns to Sunwai and get rapid resolution for any banking-related issue, be it a transactional discrepancy, unsatisfactory service, or anything else. Please register yourself at for redressal of complaints in a hassle-free manner.

The State Bank of Pakistan’s dedication to creating a banking environment that prioritizes customers is demonstrated by the launch of Sunwai. The platform makes sure that client feedback is swiftly recorded, tracked, and resolved in a timely manner by utilizing digital technologies. In addition to improving the client experience overall, this proactive strategy fosters confidence in the banking system.

The fact that Sunwai is always accessible is one of its main advantages. Clients can easily access the portal using mobile applications accessible on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, or through the web at any time and from any location. This accessibility makes sure that there are no time restrictions on client complaints, enabling a prompt resolution procedure.

Furthermore, Sunwai is a driving force behind the advancement of openness and accountability in the banking industry. Customers and banking authorities can monitor the status of complaints using real-time tracking and monitoring tools, which guarantees that every issue is given the focus and attention it needs to be resolved. Customers are not only made to feel more trusting of banking institutions, but an accountability culture is also fostered by this transparency.

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of efficient complaint handling in this ever-digital and linked society. The State Bank of Pakistan has initiated Sunwai as a proactive measure to guarantee that client complaints are handled effectively and on time. This program not only displays the bank’s dedication to customer-centricity but also establishes a standard of excellence for the banking industry.


To sum up, Sunwai marks a critical turning point in the development of customer care in the banking sector. The State Bank of Pakistan has empowered its customers and cleared the path for a banking ecosystem that is more open, accountable, and focused on the needs of its clients by utilizing digital technologies. As we support this revolutionary endeavor, let’s work to create a banking industry that not only satisfies but beyond the expectations of its clients.